Fashion is my revenge. Being the youngest of five siblings meant that in my younger years I was subjected
to wearing my brother and sisters’ hand-me-downs. Fed up with getting old clothes all the time, I deconstructed the old shirts and pants to make outfits that were more to my liking.
I started with men’s collection as at the beginning my limited knowledge allowed me just that.
Eventually, I realized that women spend more money on clothes, so I switched to making women’s line. During the first years I also learned that it is hard to design a dress that will fit most sizes. I ended up with 10 different sizes for each design to guarantee sales. This system was very counter productive. I searched for cuts and styles that will fit a wide range of sizes. My habit in cutting the pattern on a tailor’s dummy helped a lot in this search. I resort to bias cutting technique and for fastening, I use knots instead of buttons and zippers. The solution I found in solving the problem of sizes has become my distinctive design character. I began to expand my production but as I have aversion to mass produced clothes, I made a point to only engage tailors that will work individually at their own pace and environment. This production system is well appreciated by my customers who wish to own dresses that have not been made in an endless assembly line.